Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fool Me Once....?

 Here’s one to wrap up your weekend with.

The super Police folk involved in convicting Jeremy Bamber of the murder of his entire family would have you believe that at first, way back on August 7, 1986 ‘twas Bamber who tricked scores of Police officers and medical personnel into believing his sister Sheila had murdered her relatives before taking her own life when in fact – they say – it was he who did for them all.

They would have you believe that once and only once were they tricked – but then they got wise to that devious rascal and put all the pieces together and it wasn’t long before they knew the truth...!


Let’s have a looksie here, shall we. Let’s disregard everything we know about the lack of crime scene preservation by police, the sheer lack of respect shown by them to Jeremy’s dead relatives, the logs, the loudhailer – everything. Let’s just wipe it from our brains and start again.

Let us go along with the fantasy that, somehow, Jeremy did manage to trick each and every one of these people. Every person from every profession – each of them bamboozled.

Okay, fine. They got duped once, but never again. Oh no.Them's too smart.

Except, it would seem, master magician Bamber managed it again – or so this log you see before you would appear to suggest.

You see, back in the real world, not only do we know that everything that happened that night – both inside the house, outside the house and back inside the house once police went in, points to Jeremy being an innocent – but the Police knew it too.

We know that as late on as September – almost a full month after the killings – D. Supt Ainsley says in this interview that a ‘review’ of the case was to be carried out on his orders.

This review, he says, was carried out. It’s conclusion?

He states: “When Kenneally [fellow officer] was asked to give us the results of his review, he stated that the evidence indicated that Sheila was responsible.”
How very mysterious. A review carried out a month after the killings confirmed the original verdict – yet how is that it has never been disclosed just what evidence was used to carry out this review or indeed what it uncovered?

The FACT here – not opinion – the FACT, is that the Police staged their own review of everything they found and saw that night and still found Sheila to be responsible. So they'll say they were duped again, eh?

Do we still blame Harry ‘Bamber’ Houdini, then? Or is it about time the justice system and those responsible finally admitted to what they knew then and what they know now – Jeremy Bamber is innocent and should be freed.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mars bars and Percentages...

The Jury who convicted Jeremy Bamber of the murder of his family in 1985 did so by a 10-2 majority – which is the narrowest margin by which you imprison somebody.

It’s worth noting that margin because it reminds us that it was not unanimous. Quite how you can send someone to jail for such a long time for reportedly massacring their family when around 16% of the people making that decision believe he is innocent (or at least do not believe him to be guilty) is beyond me. Surely the threshold for such a serious matter should be, oh I dunno, 100%? Full whack, total, complete and without doubt? After all, if 16% of people don’t believe you stole a Mars bar but you end up with a smack round the chops cos the rest in the group believe you did, then that’s one thing – but for there to have been doubt in this sort of case?

Now imagine this – if they couldn’t even reach a unanimous verdict with the flimsy, patchy evidence on which they did eventually convict, then what sort of numbers would we be talking about if every piece of evidence now available was presented truthfully, openly and honestly?

What numbers would we be talking about if non-disclosure was no longer an issue and the recordings, notebooks and telephone calls from the scene were released and the whole thing was laid bare for us all to see?

For innocence I'm gonna betcha that Mars bar it's more than 16%

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fingerprints? Wot Fingerprints??

Here’s another one for the non disclosure files.

Did you know, tis a fact that the Bible is the most shop-lifted book in history? From bookstores, libraries, murder scenes – people just can’t help themselves when doing away with it. Never read it myself – not my cup of tea. But I’m sure it’s a belter.

And yes, I did say murder scenes. You see, beside the dead body of Sheila (where it was eventually found, rather than when it was first found), was a bible. Don’t believe me? Here’s a photo of it.

So there we go. There’s that one sorted.

Look a little closer now at this second photo – you can see from within the pages of the bible there is a handwritten note and a crocheted piece of material.

See that note?
Why is it, then, that no evidence whatsoever was called or heard at the trial of Jeremy Bamber in relation to a bloodied bible found by the body of one of his supposed victims?

Here’s another photo – it proves that a “positive result” was made of fingerprinting of the bible. Yet why is it that we do not know whose fingerprints they are?

We can exclude the fact that they could be Jeremy’s fingerprints. It’s a fair assessment to say that if a man’s bloodied fingerprints were found on a bible next to a dead body, and you’re planning to charge that very same man with that person’s murder, you’d probably include that in your evidence against him as it’d be pretty damning. So what’s going on??

But the bible was never, ever discussed. The note was never, ever discussed. Police knew about it because they fingerprinted it and got a positive result – so what happened next? Well, the note and the material seemingly vanished from the face of the earth to the point that many believing in Jeremy’s guilt deny that it even existed. Yes, that’d be it – we all imagined it.

It took years for some of the photos you see on this page to be released (Jeremy’s legal team had been told at one point that no photos had even been taken!) and until 2005 before the fact that the bible was fingerprinted to be even known. Why the 20-year wait if there was nothing to hide?

Not getting at all, remotely suspicious about this yet?

We’ll never get the answer we need because the fear is that the Bible, note and crocheted material were either returned to the relatives or destroyed as part of a mass cull of key evidence despite the fact that Police were ordered to not destroy said evidence.

The morals of this story? Don’t frame innocent men and don’t shop-lift the Bible.

Friday, 18 January 2013

To Disclose or to Destroy

Absolutely thrilled to have had so much positive early feedback on the blog – welcome to all of those who are popping in!

Had one comment from a very welcome visitor who asked – unless I misunderstood – why it is that all of the documents that we claim prove Jeremy’s innocence aren’t in the public domain. Well, if you’re wondering:

Much of it is! Head to any of the Official Campaign websites (links to your right) and you’ll be able to find a whole bucket-load of logs, correspondence, letters, statements and other things that help prove what we know to be true. Much of it has only seen the light of the day after 27 years after being kept back from us for so long.

More evidence has been discovered and is being worked on daily by Jeremy, his legal team and a huge raft of professionals from a range of sectors – more on that in the coming weeks and months.

The biggest fight for the Campaign, however, is against those who continually withhold even more information! There are still many, many crime scene photos, documents, statements, transcripts, Police notebooks and radio recordings, telephone calls among others being withheld – a lot of it under Public Interest Immunity. I’d ask all of you who believe Jeremy Bamber to be guilty to answer me one question:

If Jeremy Bamber is unequivocally guilty and an ‘evil’ man – why would such a huge, huge amount of evidence that would, seemingly, support that guilt still be hidden under PPI? Why, if nothing needs to be hidden, is stuff still not being disclosed?

Check out a couple of these notes. This one is from the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC). They actually question whether or not they can adequately review the case of Bamber when so much key evidence was destroyed – despite the fact that a Court Order had demanded it be preserved.

Doesn’t that seem odd?

How about this one? Here’s a document that shows that a number of years ago, before such evidence was illegally destroyed, an order existed that demanded the Home Office disclose material in the case of Jeremy Bamber.  That disclosure never did come.

Why didn’t it? Why was the evidence destroyed when strict orders were in place for its preservation?  Why is other evidence that would surely – in the eyes of those who see Bamber to be guilty – prove to be the final nail in his coffin, still being hidden?

We ask the question. Maybe you all could, too. As the visitor who got in touch put it...“If you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear...”

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Keeping Up Appearances

It is a source of great shame that Sheila Caffell suffered to the extent she did with mental illness and how, on the whole, the system failed her. You’d like to think in this day and age that the advances made in this area would mean she’d be better supported but in saying that all I actually mean is that we understand a little better.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Mind v The Media

“...unless you know me, I’m the sum of my media profile and, as you’ll soon find out, that’s very much only a caricature of me – even after all this time in jail.”

Those were among the first words Jeremy Bamber ever told me – and I think it is only really today that I actually understood the meaning behind what he was getting at.

Delusions, Crackpots and Lie Detection

Jeremy Bamber emphatically passed a lie detector test in 2007

Campaigning on behalf of Jeremy Bamber comes with certain territory.

To surmise it; you’re essentially a crackpot filled with fanciful delusions who has been duped by a master criminal and making a fool out of yourself. That’s fine, really. Never had a problem with it – after all, Jeremy has had no choice but to turn his cheek to much worse over 27 years, so a bit of name calling should barely even register.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Forensically Speaking

Forensics and DNA in the case of Jeremy Bamber
For a man to be sentenced to 25 years in prison - even for murder - and to have that sentence then upgraded in secret to a whole-life tariff, you would expect the case against him to be overwhelming and water-tight.

After all, fewer than 50 criminals in the history of British law have been deemed dangerous and depraved enough to be told they're to be locked up for life - but almost certainly, there is at least never, ever any doubt about their guilt.

In those cases you'd have found, for instance, murderer stood over victim with a blooded knife in hand and DNA galore.  You see, you just can't get around DNA evidence - it's the finest example of technological advancement in all of our times.

So, you'd ask, what is the boat load of DNA evidence that links Jeremy Bamber to the murders of his entire family in 1985 - either from the time or as a result of a breakthrough since. The answer? None. Not "very small amounts," either, I actually mean none. 

A flimsy shot at trying to use DNA evidence supposedly belonging to his sister, Sheila, to suggest Bamber's guilt purely by process of elimination was suggested back at trial but even as long as a decade ago, this was shown to be highly inconclusive and certainly not decisive.

The simple truth is that you cannot link a man to a crime through DNA evidence if he did not actually commit the crime - no matter how hard you try. Jeremy Bamber is an innocent man.


This is a blog run by an individual campaigning for the release of prisoner Jeremy Bamber. 

Jeremy was wrongly convicted on the basis of fabricated evidence of the murder of his entire family in 1985 and has been behind bars almost ever since. 

With each passing year, more and more documented evidence emerges that has been kept under-wraps previously - in support of his innocence and totally destroying the original prosecution case that should never have been allowed to be heard.

Simply, this blog highlights some of the key issues and brings further into the public domain the shocking treatment of an innocent man. 

Whilst I am grateful to the Official Jeremy Bamber Campaign for their support, I must stress that this is a Blog run entirely independently and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Jeremy Bamber or his Campaign.

The Campaign website can be found at