Monday, 22 September 2014

Give us some.....privacy?

It's often said that "Google is your friend."

You must have heard it. When you need to know something reasonably obscure, like 'How much does a traffic cone weigh?' or 'Can a goldfish sing?', you'll often hear it said - Google is your friend. Indeed it is. I found the answers to both those questions ('up to 4.5kg' and 'yes' are apparently the answers??).

However it seems that if you want to take a non-literal stroll down Pages Lane in Essex and pop in for a virtual brew at White House Farm, you cannot.  Which is a shame, really.  Here's how it looked when a couple of friendly coppers were standing guard by the entrance to Pages Lane the afternoon after Jeremy Bamber supposedly killed his family:

So I decided I'd take to Google Maps and get myself down there. Except you can't. Sadly. You get stopped by the entrance to Pages Lane and are allowed go no further, a bit like 1985 all over again. :-(

Might it just simply be that Pages Lane is a private road and thus Mr Google was not allowed to take his camera car down there? Might it be that those now living at White House Farm (about a mile or so down and on the right - all publicly available information...) just want some privacy and to be left alone to their thoughts after all this time?

Well it appears not. Those crazy critters love a good camera! In fact, they've opened up the doors to White House Farm for so many documentaries that it's a wonder they don't stick a cafe in there and have everyone in for scones.  Look - here's Ann Eaton with one crew near the Aga cooker in the White House Farm kitchen:

Trauma and tragedy? It doesn't look like it. She'll show you what you need to know. Not sure what the caption here is but it may be she's saying  "My nails made this one, and we used a fork for the other one..." I obviously couldn't comment.

So if it isn't privacy they want, why can I not take Google for a ride? Have they something to hide?

I might well ask Google - it knows the answers to the craziest things, after all. I just typed in "How was Jeremy Bamber ever found guilty and why is his still in jail?"

The explanation is about as believable as a singing goldfish!


  1. I also went to Pages Lane with my camera, discovered that although there was no Private Road sign there was a securely locked 5-bar-gate, with what I am sure was a CCTV fingy. I parked up close to the gate, left the car engine running and took some pics, and the car cut-out! Took me ages to get it started again...Ooooooooo!!!

  2. You'd almost think they were paranoid! Almost.... ;)

  3. And... you have to wonder what kind of 'personality disorder' could be attributed to someone who is able to take children to live in the house where five members of the family were killed! It was such an awful, tragic; I would go as far as saying, evil, event, that in my opinion White House Farm should have been knocked down.

  4. I love this! I remember Ann Eaton gleefully showing a camera crew around one of the bedrooms,they still had the bedside lamp that was covered in blood,although it had been cleaned. They never cared about who had died or what happened there,they were just too eager to get hold of the farm,peoples lives don't matter when you're greedy.